Çiftlikdüzü,  Tatlisu

12th September 2019

We have had a few days where we have struggled with something looking like the Novovirus, but all are now fit and ready again. Unfortunately, this day is the end of Laila and Anja’s stay, so we drove them to Lanaca airport. We’ve had a marvellous time together, so, please, come back another time.

After dropping them off at the airport, Tove and I took the motorway all the way up to Paralimni with the intention to pay Lidl a visit. Was a bit disappointed as they had very little or no beef at all. However, managed to pick up some bottles of real Champagne, so trip was not a total disappointment.

Crossed the border at the new Derynia crossing point. As usual, the Greek Cypriot officers were grumpy, while theire Turkish Cypriot counterpart welcomed us back.

Ended the day with dinner at Çiftlikdüzü Cafe and Restaurant with Leyla, Orhan, Muzzi and Olgun. Olgun was celebrating his 23rd birthday with friends. This family has the islands best Şeftali, can be recommended.

Tove while enjoying a glass of whine

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