Extension to our terrace
Sweetwater Bay

Official opening of our extended roof terrace

Yesterday we had invited some good friend to see the sun set and officially open our extended roof terrace.

As it was close to 2 weeks since our last shopping, we started the day with shopping trip to Kyrenia to have all necessities in place for the evening. Dropped in to Little Stones to have a word with Ozy and David, only to find we were expected and lunch were prepared. Had lovely smoked salmon and a glass of white. The white was Mud House Sauvignon Blanc. Thank you David and Ozy.

Little Stones
David Lyon at Little Stones

As mentioned above, Mud House, is our favourite white at present. Not that it is the best in the world, but the best you get at the moment. This country do not have regular deliveries, so if you find something decent, buy it. On our way back, we went into Supreme to stock up more, just to find it was sold out. No one know if it will ever return to the shelves.

Our terrace party started at 6.30 PM to see the sun set. Menu for the night was canapes


with bubbly water or whatever you would like.

Tove, Linda and Jo
The ladies after dark
The party
Jan Torr
Jan Tore

People left around 1 am. All canapes gone, running low on gin, tonic, prosecco, 🍺 etc. Any way, a superb evening we will remember.


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