Çiftlikdüzü,  Tatlisu

Çiftlikdüzü Restaurant

Saturday during daytime, we did what we are best in, relaxing around the pool.

We had decided to go out with David, Özlem and Talia. Amalia and Talia go very well together, and we would like them to meet again.

This time we went to Çiftlikdüzü restaurant, my favourite local cypriot place. The restaurant is a local rustic place, with the best handmade, from the bottom, organic food. The place is run by my old friends, Leyla and Orhan Güvenlier with their children Olgun and Muzzi. Muzzi is at present being educated as a chef in a Famagusta school. Olgun is doing his compulsory military service in Turkey at the moment. However, all were at place this evening.

We had kleftiko etc. with lot of local meze.

Talia and Amalie were running around all evening trying to get hold of Leylas kittens. All went well until one of them pooed on Amalies dress.

The table
Talia and Amalie, 2 good friends
With Leyla
Cat in the tree

After dinner we went home to our apartment, having cheese and port up on the roof terrace. The gathering also included some drinks and wine. The party broke up early morning hours.

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