Cyprus,  Girne,  Lord's Palace

Yaman, Lord’s Palace, Seawise and Dominic Holmes

Sunday was used entirely for recreation. Not that we needed it, but this is what Sundays are for. Stayed in or around the pool for most of the day. Amalie seems to be more under water than over. Ended the day with a visit to Yamans for dinner.

On Monday, I had pre-booked a cabana again on Lord’s Palace Hotel again. Had a wonderful day with a lot of time in the sea. Daytime temperatures are still 30 with sea temperature dropped to 28.

Amalie jumps
The Barbados Cabana
Stian floating
Amalie lands
Sebastian and Stian

For dinner we went to Seawise Restaurant and Bar in the Esentepe area. A table was pre-booked with a lot of Bayer’s. We were, apart from us, the Robbos, Muriel’s, Phil Conkie,Kevin Long and Jo Perry. Entertainment was with Dominic Holmes. Hadn’t seen him since the Killer Queen consert. The evening’s highlight was Derek and Alan’s dance together. There is a discussion about if Derek tried to make the floss 😂

Our table
Dominic Holmes
Tove and Kristine

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