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Ezic Peanuts, Pulp Kitchen, Pamper Yourself and Moonshine

Life goes on in the fast lane. Keeping the blog still gives me a bit of work, to keep it nice and tidy. A lot of pictures has been randomly uploaded, and have been kept in a big chunk. It’s easy to lose the overview, which I did. Searching around I found some plugins that have been tested. I landed on one called Mediamatic pro. Cost me a few bucks, but is well worth to avoid the hassle of uncategorised mediafiles .

In between there is always time to visit some restaurants down here, some good, some not so good, and time to keep in touch with good friends. Making food in the heat, like in September, is something we try to avoid. As weather now is changing to a more Norwegian summer type, we tend to make more and more food at home.

On Tuesday we went into town to pay Ozy and David a visit while Talia was at school. Beforehand we had decided to go for lunch at Ezic Peanuts at the Kyrenia seafront just beside the amphitheatre. The restaurant is beautifully located facing the sea and is normally fully booked. Luckily we managed to get a table facing the sea. Ezic is a series of restaurants in Kyrenia, all having a second name starting with p, like Point, Premier etc.

This Is one of my favourites in town, good food, well staffed etc.

Seafront table
Tove and Ozy
Sea view

After lunch we headed home for a rest while waiting for our friends arrived. We had invited our English community for a night cup or three on our roof terrace. We ended up with a bunch of people, 17 all in all. Best memory of the night was Kevin’s demonstration of a dance where all moves was taken fromdriving a car 😂. Last guest departed at 3 am. After cleaning glasses and tidying up, Tove and I managed to go to bed at 3.30.

Linda, Joy, Angela, Linda and Cynthia
Dennis, Ted, Phil, and Kevin

Same morning we were up early, just a few hours of sleep, as we had an appointment with the “aluminium” man for changing/maintaining our fly screens. After 10 years some needed replacement and we also needed to have one fitted on the kitchen window. Amalie, when she was here, had accidentally tried to run thru the on on the terrace door. The new one was planned any way. The remaining part of the day was used under a parasol, on a sunbed, on the roof terrace, just relaxing. Had a nice bbq during the evening, accompanied by a nice red wine.


Thursday was a busy day with a couple of appointments in town. Tove had an appointment with Pamper Yourself to have her nails done, while I went to the bank beside it, to top up my current account to have my electric bill payed automatically. The result from “Pampers” was excuisit as seen on picture below, best of all the price of 120 tl. Compare it to Norway where the same treatment would be around 1200 kr.


After nail treatment we drove down town to have a look at some watches. They have different Rolex watches from 250 euro and up. Decided I couldn’t afford it. As they say, they are real fake watches.

Instead we d coded for lunch in town and went to Pulp Kitchen. They serve really good Asian street food, and street it is, situated on the high street into Kyrenia from Karakum. I had a really nice Kung Pao prawns while Tove had one of the better sweet and sour chicken I ever tasted. On our way out we bumped into one of my Pakistani friends, Usman Jutt and gave him a lift back to Spice Garden.

Tove at Pulp Kitchen
Pulp Kitchen

Later in the evening we headed to Moonshine Restaurant and Bar for some entertainment. They had a Tamla Motown night. We were the Robbos, the Muriel’s, the Thyesons, Angela Shaw beside the 2 of us. Luckily Eddy volunteered to drive 😀 so the other ones could have a drink.

The night was nothing to chear about. There was no power in the music, not often I complain about music not being loud enough. Starters were cold, or at best lukewarm. My fish was overcooked and dry. Don’t see this restaurant in the Michelin guide soon. Then we ordered gin and tonic based on Bombay Sapphire, got some crap back. It all turned out they had run out of Bombay and used local gin. You should see Tove heading for the bar to tell them off 😠. Best entertainment of the night was Derek trying to do a pole dance.

Motown girl
Derek, Angela and Alan
Joy, Lin and Tove
Derek doing the pole dance

Today, Friday, we have stayed in all day. Will have a meal at home as we are invited to the Muriel’s for drinks tonight. Phew…., someone please save us 😇🤞

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