Wall building

This week we have been helping Espen and Milla with some challenges in housing their children. This is what happened to Espen when you breede above average( 2 children Norway), break up and meet another just lovely person with her own 2. So in a house of normal size they are now going to house 7, the 2 of them and 5 children.

The decision then, a wise one, was to make a part of the hallway into a bedroom for Silian, one of my bonus grandchildren (I’m a happy man). This job has been done now. When we left today, the wall was finished covered with plaster board, only the tedious work of plastering and painting was remaining. I have left this part to Milla and Espen. With me on the job has been my always present life partner and mentor Tove. She has this absolute irritating habit of asking these control questions I have never thought of. Never though how much I hate it, would never come this way without her.

Next part will commence next week. Silian will move into his new room after a real carpenter has arrived on the arena, cut out a part of the wall, putting in a new window. Milla and Espen will move into Silians room, and their current room will be made into 2, one for Elise and one for Julian. This work will be done during next week

Wall skeleton with sliding door

As stated in my About section, I’m a reasonable happy elderly man. I have 5 grandchildren I love and adore. In addition I now have 2 what I call bonus grandchildren. Still haven’t any picture of Silian, but this will come later. I know from experience it can be challenging to have two 15 year old girls in the house, but look at the picture below, its impossible not to fall in love. My heart is melting

Estelle and Elise


  • Linda Robinson

    Loving reading your blogs. Family is everything 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧
    If your children, grandchildren and bonus grandchildren are happy then so are you 💏

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