Miami,  USA

It’s cruising time

Today has been a sort of both good and rough day. After some months of planning, the day came to leave cold Norway for some warmer options in Miami, USA and the Carribbean.

First of all, had to get up at 3 am tonight to get to the airport on time. Weather was absolutely awful. It started snowing yesterday with wet snow, around 0 degrees, continuing today with temperatures above zero and rain. It was a bit hard to drive to the airport with about 24 hours without any sleep.

We had bought inexpensive tickets on tourist class, but SAS now give you an option to make a bid to upgrade your tickets. The bid I made was the absolute lowest possible, and lucky us, the bid was accepted. This means we were upgraded to SAS Plus class, better seats, free drinks and food and best of all, access to the SAS lounge

Tove in lounge enjoying the first glass of wine for the day

Who will yild

The happy couple on theire way

Refreshments 😰

In ze air

The flight was fine, only some heavy turbulens over USA. I have to say it is really good to be back with SAS after having had no option than Norwegian the last few years. The quality of the service cannot be compared, SAS being miles ahead. After consuming a lot of alcohol in the form of different wines, gin and tonic, cognac etc, all because of it making it easier to sleep, I found it impossible to get into dream land. So at time of writing, I’m well into 48 hrs of no sleep. Amasing SAS, serving Harahorn gin, cond to be one of the best ones ever.

After landing in Miami, with a stunning 28 degrees Celsius, we finally managed thru the immigration. They are really thourough. Got a cab and finally started on the move to the hotel where we are staying for the next three days. Easier said than done, it is not only Norway that has traffical problems. We run into a car fire, several road repairs with closed lanes and really used the time. As the cab driver said, this is ruining my business.

After cheking in at the hotel, Tove and I has a stroll around the neighborhood and ended up in a fancy mall. The mall had all these expensive fashion shops with men dressed in suits opening the door for you. I ended up looking at a few cars giftwrapped. The yellow Maclaren had a lease price tag of 3000 dollars per month, with 36 months contract time. The white one, a Ferrari 488 Spider, a used car with modest milage on 2800 miles, was priced to 280000 dollars, they claimed it was a bargain. I refused the offer.

Yellow Maclaren
Ferrari Spider 488

Found more amusements in watching the kois in the indoor pool.


So here we are, 2 norwegians in Miami waiting for the rest of the gang, Linda, Derek, Joy and Eddie. They should be on their way from the airport now.

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