Miami,  USA

Miami sightseeing

Yesterday, Thursday, we took the opportunity to have a look around Miami town and the surroundings. Our hotel is about 30 to 45 minutes outside of the town centre. This area is within a residential areas, all tidy and organized as it should be the american way. The house with the little dingy outside, as shown on the picture below, is direct opposite our hotel room.

View from hotel

To get to town, we grabbed a yellow cab. There is no problem with prices, all set prices defined by the authorities, depending on the areas you are going to. Jumped on a hop on hop off bus and took the whole tour around, lasted about 90 minutes. During the trip we were explained the apartment prices around. If you think Norwegian are high, you need to clear your mind. It is nowhere near what they are here. During our round, I particular liked one area where buildings were covered with street art. To cover a house, there was only one rule, no brush allowed, only spray cans.

Street art
Street art
Street art

After the bus tour we had our lunch at an Argentinian restaurant, not that we needed food, because all the way you walk, you are offered samples of their food to try. We chose the one we like best.

No one goes to Miami without a frozen drink, like Margarita, Strawberry Daiquiri etc., so we tried many.

Enjoying our frozen drinks

After the refreshments we decided to go on a celebrity boat excursion, a sightseeing trip to watch the holliday homes of the rich and famous. There were so many in this archipelago, I cannot remember everyone, but some where the Beckhams, Jackie Chan, both Iglesias, several other footballers, basket stars etc., etc. The price for the best and most expensive one was taken by a doctor who failed in making a medicine. When making a medicine to cure heart problems, they found that it did not work for that purpose, but it had some interesting side effects further down below. He had invented the blue pill, Viagra. His holliday home was just incrediblly big. Even had an enourmous greenhouse to grow his own plants.

Best of all, free frozen strawberry daiquiri etc on the ship.

Holliday home
Another holliday home

Cab back home to the hotel and the gents went off to the nearest farmacy for a bottle of wine. When you get wines in a farmacy, it proves to me that it is healthy. However, Derek managed to loose the grip of his plastic bag on our walk back home and his bottle broke. Before going out for dinner, we met for pre dinner drinks outside of our room.

Dinner was tonight at Flanigans in walking distance.

Derek and Linda
Derek pretending to be a rabbit after having salad

Joy and Eddie

Harding Avenue. The city looks fantastic when dressed up for Christmas

I dag er planen en tur til Little Havanna

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