Cyprus,  Sweetwater Bay

A fortnight of challenging weather

It’s been a fortnight since coming down here to what we thought should be a sunny experience. Normally January in Norway is dreadful cold with temperatures down to minus 20 and a lot of show, so we thought being smart to get on a trip to sunny Cyprus and avoid the weather back home.

This year not. Weather is still pleasant back home with nice temperatures for January to be, even though I have seen on my web cameras that we had one day or so with a bit of snow. Down here, we have had a lot of bad winds, really bad winds.

It all started on our way down with the first storm. We were just seconds away of having to return to Turkey, to Antalya because of running out of fuel. Everything was nice and calm until entering this island, having to go into a holding pattern for more than an hour because of the strong winds. Captain continuous gave information about the weather at Ercan airport being to bad for the aircraft. Never have i been on an aircraft with such silence. However, when we finally landed, there were standing ovations on board.

Holding pattern over Cyprus

The month of January ended with what we call a full storm in Norway, the english equivalent a whole gale. Our apartment is directly towards the sea, and my weather station measured winds up to more than 25 meters per second. No need to say, as shown in the picture below, I need a new anemometer. One wing is blown off, one has gotten a big gap. This one will not measure correctly any more.

My broken weather station

In between the big winds, we have sunny calm weather where it is just gorgeous to enjoy the morning coffee on the roof terrace. Our own lemon tree is being harvested every time we need a fresh lemon in the gin and tonic. Several visits have been made to the fruit and vegetable market with all sorts to unbeatable prices. The name ya beleş in Turkish means nearly free, and it stands up to its name.

Ya Beleş, the fruit and vegetable market
My own lemon tree

Not many people at site apart from Sheila and Phil, living here. During our first week Cynthis and Dennis together with Kevin was here. We had some nice gatherings before they left, Cyn and Dennis back to Hartlepool to prepare for Cyn’s birthday party and Kevin back to wife Melis in Istanbul.

Sunday lunch at Lord’s Palace, left to right Kevin Long, David Lyon, Phil Conkie, Sheila Lane, Dennis Bucton, Cynthia Wilbraham, Özlem Lyon, I and my boss.

Apart from most sitting in every night watching the telly, we have had some memorable nights. Will never forget the night in our place with Kevin, Sheila, Phil and Cynthia and us tasting wine. Or maybe I have forgot, any way will not mention the number of bottles of wine. The day after was hard 😫.

Also had a relaxing day to the dark side (the south of Cyprus) with David and Ozzie. Made it to the Alphamega supermarket, still some items you can’t get up here, even though it is diminishing. Had lunch on Second Cup coffeeshop before returning to the bright side for a craft beer at O’live.

David and Özlem
Coffee shop

On Saturday we were going to have a lovely meet evening at the Kybele restaurant in the Bellapais Monastery, but this was cancelled because of illness in the Lyon family. This is how it is when having small children. In stead Sheila and Phil with us, went to the Taro restaurant in Esentepe. A bit more expensive than the local restaurants, but well worth the change. It is the only restaurant in this area with a wine cellar. Phil and I were locked in, and I won’t tell if we are still there enjoying.

Locked up in the wine cellar

To do something different, Tove and I drove up to the Karpaz Gate Marina and had our Sunday lunch there. Not the first time I have been disappointed there, but this time by the price, 90 tl for an English breakfast. Not worth it. However, the area is lovely and reminds me about all our trips during summer to their Beach Club.

Hemingways restaurant
Karpaz Gate Marina

The mountain formation is from the trip along the Mediterranean to the Karpaz Gate marina.

Is it a grumpy dog?

However, despite bad weather, when ever we have a chance, we do our hourly morning walk. Not much beats the view we have around us.

February has started well with sunny calm weather. We still have more than a week left before going home. Look forward to a few events ahead starting on Tuesday with watching rugby from the 6 nations cup at Phil and Sheila’s, then an evening in our place with leg of lamb cooked in our wood fired clay oven. Then going home before flying over to England and Cynthia’s 20th real birthday on the 29th of February to be celebrated in Darlington. A lot of bayer’s will be there for the event 😀

The bay on a sunny day

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  • Linda Robinson

    Loved reading this Helge. You make all your blogs so interesting and informative. Enjoy the rest of your stay at SWB. Love to you and Tove 😍

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