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A cold beer and a view of Nicosia

This day, or actually the night when going to bed heavy winds started. Reading the weather forecast it says Coldest weather of the winter on the way

“Unsettled weather is ahead, with rain and thunderstorms developing later on Thursday to be followed by extremely low temperatures in the coming days. According to weather portal Kitas, the highest temperature in Nicosia will be just 8C on Sunday, and the site predicts the coming days will bring the coldest seen in the last three years. Strong winds, rain and snow in the mountains have been forecast for Thursday, while temperatures are expected to reach 18C everywhere except in the higher mountains, where they will peak at 7C. The lowest temperatures at night are going to hover around 10 to 12C inland and in coastal areas and 3C around Troodos. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday it will be much colder, bringing temperatures to levels well below what is normal for the time of the year. Heavy rains and snowfall, not only in Troodos but also in the foothills, are forecast for the weekend.”

This morning got on ok with temperatures up to about 20 degrees, even took the cushions out and had our morning coffee on the terrace enjoying the view. The winds were still heavy, but having them from west/south-west we were shielded by the building. However, turning around looking up in the mountains it clearly showed a different weather ahead.

Weather seems ok
Until turning around 60 degrees

Normally when here, we take trip to Nicosia. This was planned early next week, but reading the forecast we decided to jump in the car and get off.

Nicosia, the Turkish side of it, is one of my favourite places on earth. With it’s shopping alleys, restaurants, mosques, markets etc. This is the place to go to get a good handbag from Gucci or likes, or a Rolex watch, all to affordable prices. Did I hear someone mention “real fake”? 😂

Nicosia start to be well decorated by street art. I just love street art. Later on I may create a post about it.

Not many places on earth now you can walk into a restaurant and get a pint of cold beer for a stunning 15 tl, it’s a bargain. Not much that beats the feeling of having an ice cold Efes after walking the streets here. As usual when here, we end up in the Majeste restaurant for lunch and refreshments. We know the owner and it always feels good to be welcomed back.

Nicosia shopping alley
Entry to Buyuk Hahn
Buyuk Hahn
Street art
Street art
Inside Bandabulya
Glass containers
Alley, buffersone behand the wall
Another alley

We spent a god 1,5 hour relaxing in Majeste until the inevitable rain started and it was time to leave for home. Nicosia has heavy traffic congestion, but after being here for some years, I know how to avoid most of it. On our way back home we got real heavy rain, but had this lovely rainbow before it.

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