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Things happens fast these days. We spent a few marvellous days in Darlington and York, to celebrate Cynthia’s 20th birthday on Feb 29 and to meet up with our beloved Sweetwater Bay friends. Have to say I did my utmost to behave like an Englishman, visiting as many pubs as possible.

Returned to Norway from Manchester on the 2nd of March. Plan was to have a quiet life to avoid what I felt was a starting cold. On Friday after coming home, we decided to have a meeting with Jan and Liv to share the cost we had in England. To be honest, we need another meeting as I became what you call, a bit delicate. Also, honestly, can’t remember much of the evening or meeting.

The morning after I woke up with a nasty cold. This was in the start of the time where everyone was aware of the Corona virus. Having a cold these days could be like having leper in the old age. You simply can’t tell anyone about it, or you would be bumped out into the frozen. Or as one said, today I made a loud fart on the bus because I coughed.

During the weekend we had the pleasure of being baby sitters for Amalie and Sebastian. This is something we always look forward to with great pleasure. Kristine, our daughter in law, was celebrating her 40th birthday. On Saturday we returned the children in a local sports hall, as Amalie was going to play in an indoor bandy tournament. Ended up by seeing all matches. Incredible to see the improvement from last time we attended.

Coming into the new week, after Tove finished a monthly meeting with her old collegues, we decided to go up to the the summerhouse to relax for some days. My cold was then more or less gone, definitely not Corona.

From then on, it all escalated.

The day after, watching the government’s press conference, we learned that we were quarantined until Tuesday morning. All arriving the country, from outside Scandinavia, after Feb 27 was quarantined for 14 days, effective from Thursday at 6pm.

We quickly turned around, as we had forgotten our bag of clothes at home, drove to the nearest city center and bought some new underwear and t-shirts.

To be honest, being quarantined in this place is not the worst fate to have. Weather is sunny, some wind, but not more than we can handle. We have enough food, enough wine and booze.

So here we are, enjoying lazy days, skiing on the lake, thinking about the serious issues in life. Life goes on, only sad is I anticipate we will not be able, or alloved, to go down to our beloved TRNC in May as planned. At moment, Norway is in a lockdown. F..k Corona.

The manor
Relaxing in the sun
Skiing on the lake

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