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Love, marriage and other stuff

The wedding

On Friday Oct 23rd, we attended the wedding of my eldest son Espen to Milla, my new daughter in law. Because of the Corona situation, the wedding was held in a bit more different style than it normally would. The local Corona regulations limited the number of partisipants outside your own family to 10. Shear luck that they did it this week, today the regulations was changed to 5.

The wedding seremoni was held at the scenic beach of Hvervenbukta in Oslo, seen on the featured image of this post. The ceremony was led by Marianne Kjær, married to my cousin Geir. Never did I know she was licensed to splice people in holy matrimony, a really pleasant surprise.

Friday was one of the few last days without rain, although a bit chilly, we had sunshine. I’m pretty sure it means luck in love. May they live in love for the time to come.

Milla, I welcome you and kids as a full member of my family.

I feel lucky. Having a doctor and a pharmacist as daughters in law, I might live forever 😂, sorry sons.

As the Corona situation prohibited, there was no reception and party. This will be held at a later stage when the world is back to normal. Instead, the closest relatives on both sides, went back to their home for coffee and cakes. Not only that, champagne, a lot of it. Never thought you could have serious headache from champagne, now I know.

The loving couple

Rings on
Done, we’re married
Sharing the cake
Marianne, the ceremony master

My new extended family, Matteo, Elise, Julian, Espen, Milla, Estelle and Silian
Brother Stian and Kristine


With the fall arriving, all vegetable and herbs I have been growing during the summer is now gone, consumed, and I found it timely to produce something more to be eaten during the winter. My mini nursery was taken home and prepared for new round of plants. New planting soil have been prepared and seeds sown. To those interested, my planting soil consist of a mixture of 60% ordinary planting soil 20% vermiculite and 20% perlite. This makes a hell of a plant base. Already after 2 days, you can see sprouts. Automatic watering makes it even more convenient. Now we are waiting for tomatoes, different types of lettuce, herbs and peppers.


Even though the infection rate in Norway is lowest in Europe, it is alarmingly increasing. We therefore decided to go up to the summerhouse again. At this time of the season we are alone and in solitude for kilometers. When out walking today, the only living creature we saw was a couple of craftsmen in a distance working on a new summerhouse. The municipality where we are have so far during the pandemi only had 3 registered people infected. So we feel quite secure up here. Better than staying at home with crowded areas.

Weather-wise there has been a lot of rain lately, but with a short stop during our walk today. However, rather chilly and humid as you can see from the pictures.

Our plan is to stay at least for a week.

Out walking
Scenic view of the lake


Lastly, I have to mention our dear friends in Cyprus. Ozy and David, Sheila and Phil is doing the utmost to help us with our assets there. We are truly grateful for what they are doing for us. More or less impossible to express our feelings. It’s unreal to realise we may not be down for a long time. Keep on my friends, we will reward you in some ways or another. Love you all.

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