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Depressive times, give me the sun – PLEASE!!!

The times we are living in are depressive. Not only are we strangled by the Corona virus leading to our usual trips to beloved Cyprus and the sun being cancelled, the sun up in this part of the world has totally disappeared. Has it forgotten us, really?

The featured image of this article was copied from a newspaper today, showing the number of hours with sun so far in December. 6 totally, it’s insane. These 6 hours in addition happened in one day, the 1st of December. No wonder we are getting into serious depressions, biting and scratching the walls, drinking wine every day.

The day is dark or darkish most of the time with only a few hours close to bright. However, in a few days now it will turn around, so we will hang in a bit more.

3 pm and darkish
Hazy day in December

The climate change is quite obvious now. As normal, the lake by our summer house starts to freeze during the last weekend of November. This also happened this year with nice crisp and clear weather. Then weather changed, snow turning to rain after a few days with temperature above freezing point. All that was nice and white is now wet and grey.

Lake starting to freeze late November
Early December snow thru living room window
BBQ with early December snow

However, as stated above, the first day hours of December started sunny and gave me an opportunity for a long walk. This gives me a chance to show you the wonderful bridge across the highway, just 3 kilometers from us. The bridge was erected by well known Norwegian artist, Vebjørn Sand, after an idea of Leonardo da Vinci. Leonardo da Vinci sketched his idea in 1502, and this shows what a genius he was.

Vebjørn Sand also has other great works, like the Kepler star close to our main airport ( and Roseslottet, the Rose castle (

Leonardo da Vinci bridge
Leonardo da Vinci plaquette
View from bridge towards Nordby Kirke

Am I still depressed?

No, absolutely not, after I found this kind goblin buckled up in my car. He said, if you take me inside so I stop freezing, you will have a wonderful future. There is light ahead, weather will soon change, days will be longer, sun will sneak out, reappear more and more, and by a sudden Covid-19 is forgotten. If you feed me well, be ready for easter in sunny Cyprus.

Yeah, just what needed to hear!


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